Autumn Fashion Switch

Autumn Style Suggestion For The Modern Chic: The Autumn Fashion Switch
Autumn Style Suggestion For The Modern Chic

Practical fashion has often been misinterpreted as dull fashion. And whilst in the chilly breeze of autumn, it is practical to wrap up in warm jumpers, this by no means should translate to the dull non jolly look for your autumn fashion switch. 

The autumn fashion switch is ideally the perfect line between a bright and practical, with a personalised touch of style. To say our winter and autumn fashion styles are tempting is a huge understatement. Our new season looks will have your peers gnaw with a tint of jealousy and admiration. 

Top: The Modern Chic Jumper

The first component of the new season fashion switch: cozy and warm. Practical and yet stylish, our modern girl jumpers provide the unique mix of practical and stylish on trend look for the season. The always on switch for the modern girl, being casual enough to provide a talking point or two and yet comfortable in the chilly weather.

From puffy shoulders to cut out cold shoulder looks, knit jumpers provide the best iteration of fashion that can suite the party look of the ’80’s style parties to the modern chic cut midriff. 

Style Suggestion:  Vintage Cold Shoulder Cut Jumper

Skirt: Mini Skirts Win The Day

Yes there are more subtle fashion styles for the autumn period, but none update the sombre autumn look like the classy modern girls mini skirt. Never undertones and scarcely ever over the top, they are sure to get everyone in your circle ready to to copy you immediately.

Perhaps, we will put in a bit of cliche and stick to the trust old black that will match with any look or color tone. But this will give you the freshened that will attract the seal of fashion approval in a wide range of fashion opinions: from the ’70’s obsessed silhouette to the 00’s babe look. 

Style Suggestion:  Distressed Denim Mini Skirt

Bag: Complete The Modern Autumn Fashion Switch

There are but a few ways to rock the perfect girl fashion switch, but none is complete without an accessory bag. To be without will be just too plain wacky a wardrobe style. This may be the reason why, like all ideas we are saving the best for last.

From the iconic bohemian tote bags to the common casual shoulder strap bags, we have a wide range of bag accessories to keep our outfit freshened and styled up each day in this autumn and winter season. Keep it 100% ready, realistic and functional.

Style Suggestion:  Asymmetric Cut Flap Bag

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