Sankofa Adinkra: Back to your heritage

Sankofa Adinkra: A symbol which symbolises going back one’s heritage is a deep heritage concept from the Akan tribe in Ghana.

The literal translation of the word is “going back for”. Symbolised by a bird that reaches far back to pick up an egg, the source of its existence or the symbol of it’s heritage.

The concept symbolises how helpful it can be to reach back into one’s history and find a heritage that is beneficial but has the risk of being left behind; or has been left behind.

The word is derived from two root words words:

SAN (return, repeat), KOFA  (to fetch, to pick up)

In the pursuit of knowledge, wealth and modern development it is often the case that a group of people might lose their way or lose their humble beginnings.

The concept of Sankofa symbolises the notion of reaching back and keeping in touch with one’s heritage and not losing their identity.

Sankofa Wall Decoration
Sankofa Wall Decoration

The symbol of the Sankofa Adinkra can serve as a beautiful home decoration which brings a beautiful aura of heritage and style from the Akan culture into any home.

Bring a symbol of heritage and culture into a modern room at the home or office.

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