Bring Your Own Body : Grab The Style : Own The Look

Bring Your Own Body: Grab The Style: Own The Look

Embrace all that you are, be proud of your curves and bring it with you in every fashion style, grab the style and own the look.

From the fiercest party girls to the official workwear look: grab the style that suits your body and own the look, body confidence is about bringing your body as you are and owning the look.

Women who are plus size should not be afraid to show their curves, don’t hide behind ghostly gowns and straight dress looks; rather grab the curve fitting bodycon, midriff showing piece and hold your head high; regardless of the occasion.




Remember your body is beautiful and amazing and don’t be afraid to show your curves and your belly, that is what makes you who you are… that is what makes YOU!!


Wake up in the morning and repeat the mantra, “I love myself, I love how I look, I will only live once so I will do what I want today, wear what I want today, feel great about myself and feel fabulous about my look”.


Being self-confident is as much as about you being comfortable about your body as well as fitting in a dress that shows your body.

Don’t go with the label; forget what the brands say, your body; all bodies are good bodies and you are to feel amazing about yourself and express the best of self-confidence in the outfit that you like.

Feel amazing about yourself and appreciate yourself above all things. Learning to appreciate yourself is a skill that once learned will last you a lifetime, appreciate what you have and see less of what you do not have, smile because you are blessed and if you don’t enjoy your body; you are wasting your life.

You have to challenge perceptions of what is beautiful; and what you decide is what stays. It is an awesome feeling to have so much confidence in yourself; as a beautiful girl and above all as a strong girl.

Yes, we all strive to improve our bodies, but we should all strive to love our bodies, being happy with who we are should not be second nature to us. It should not be given second thoughts; our less than perfect bodies and it’s downright imperfect bits are all to be loved and although this is easier said than done, when it comes down to it; when the chips fall down; if your body is healthy, then how it looks is just the icing on the cake.


Bring Your Own Body – Grab The Style – Own The Look

Cassandra Schernoff

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