The Ideal No-Gym Workouts

Okay, so let’s just get this out there, not everyone is a fan of going to the gym, I mean who has the time. And talk about those who sign up for expensive gym packages and literally never turn up. Okay quite frankly, no matter how hard you try to tell the gym trainers, not everyone is cutout for the heavy workout routines. I mean it quite often becomes quite an obsessive quest for impossible body form.

Some of us are born lazy, some are quite careful with their money and how they choose to spend it (not on gym subscriptions) and others just don’t like going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to live a healthy lifestyle, right!!.

So we here, have come up with some activity routines that will help you workout without having ever step a foot in the gym


Back in January, After almost everybody at the office failed the 30 day gym turn-up challenge, we put together an SOS team to find out how we could maintain healthy physical well being and exercise routine without going to the gym. We identified walking as one of the most obvious and yet often least considered means of exercise. It is so obvious, we wondered if we should include it on our list. And yet 15 minutes of brisk walking is known to burn 60 calories, whilst a 30 minute brisk walk burns 129 calories.

This is an effective way to burn off those yummy cakes you had at lunch, without going to the gym. Considering that in a day we averagely spend 30 to 90 minutes walking, upping the pace gives us a good opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle away from the gym. From grabbing those printouts, going up three floors for that design meeting or even grabbing lunch. The average office worker has a lot of stay healthy moments spread out within their day.

So pack a pair of comfy sneakers or plimsolls into your work handbags, it is time to clock in the miles the good old way: walking.

Shadow Boxing

Some prefer the more vigorous exercise routine, one that has a heavier toll on the body than vigorous walks to the coffee station, and that’s when Kimberly came up with the idea of “office shadow boxing”. Well, the idea can be extended beyond the office. Unlike traditional boxing which will require a gym, gloves, a punching bag or sparring partner, shadow boxing only requires an arms length of empty space and your imagination. Instead of hitting at a bang, you will be punching at an apparition constructed from figments of your worst fear, frustrations, anger, hatters and frenimies.

Shadow boxing can be one of the most intensive workouts, it will not only result in a High intensity full body workout, it will also get the heart pumping. And instead of the focus being on how long you have run or how much calories have been beeped away by the incessant calories counter, you can focus on getting your muscles warmed up, flexed and worked out. Shadow boxing can be so intensive and effective that professional boxers often shadow box to warm up or cool down. So there won’t be any surprises when you next see Kimberly from marketing punch it out in the empty meeting rooms.

Screen Break Yoga

Having a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym, requires carefully planned routines to take advantage of every ounce of break, and this includes screen breaks. The average person takes between 3 to 6 screen breaks a day, each running for 5 minutes. That gives 15 to 25 minutes of screen breaks, far more time to log in some yoga meditations. Yoga doesn’t always require that one changes into vibrant yoga leggings, and we must agree that trying to meditate in the noisy work environment will come with its own challenges, but imagine if you can crack the code and overcome these niggling challenges, you will be looking at yoga everywhere. We at the office lifestyle SOS team believe we may have cracked the code.

Yoga requires meditating and stretching out your tense muscles, and this can be achieved at your office desk, in the cafeteria, even on the elevator ride, running along to your next meeting. So whenever you take a break from your work screen, which should be as often as is allowed, you should close your eyes, plug in those headphones, find that happy place in your thoughts and relax those tense muscles. Stretch up, strike the poses and enjoy an improv of unguided yoga. It is one of the most effective ways to flex and non-aggressive ways to workout, getting into and out of each yoga pose will stretch, tense and simultaneously relax more muscle groups, like your back, legs, arms, gluten, etc. It will also help you to be in tune with your body, helping you to relax, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Dancing Anywhere

The final card to play, in our SOS out of gym healthy lifestyle activity involves a bit of hip movement, some hand waving and excited steps interspaced with an occasional jump. We are talking of dancing, dancing involves moving almost all of the body’s muscles, including occasionally the facial muscles.

Admitted you are not going to dance as great as Ashley Banjo or be looking angelic dancing at the bus stop or on the train platforms, but in the moments that you find just about enough privacy to bogey away, you will be burning away calories in their double digits. Dancing is also the most fun cardio exercise you can ever have. Nothing will loosen you and get you sweaty, and be as fun as dancing. You won’t even realize that you were working out. You will explore the movement of muscle groups you didn’t even know existed. Muscle groups from all over your body, from your head to your toes, moving and stretching them into shapes that will redefine their elasticity and strength. Not to mention, dancing is also stress relieving. Dancing anywhere, once you have overcome the initial kinks of awkwardness and shyness, will greatly boost your confidence and body image. The benefits are immense, you cannot lose out to shyness and awkwardness, so make the world your dance studio, from the bus stops to the train platforms, from the streets in your summer shorts or sneakers, to your tea break at work, never forget to dance. And the best part, you will never have to go to the gym.

Cassandra Schernoff

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