3 Ways To Own The Oversized Shirt Look

3 ways to own the oversized shirt look… and yes you can wear them more than once.

The oversized girl look can be sported for more than once…. and yes as much as that will be breaking news to most of us, the oversized shirt look is one that you can own with your own personal style edits.

Own the oversized shirt look with these top 3 fashion combos. Own the look with this oversized shirt edit.

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The Corset Look: How to rock a corset combo with an oversized shirt

Own the corset girl look combo with oversized shirts. Casual chic just went an extra oomph….

Corsets have been with us since the birth of fashion and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Combine your corset with an oversized shirt for the chic girl look.

Why not invest in a new corset and prep for the lunch out with the girl or just the street chic look.

Corsets help you to tuck in your waistline and outline your curves! Own the corset look with heels or a mule, hanging earrings and minimal jewellery.

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Cycling Shorts: Combine sporty with chic; match cycling shorts with oversized shirts

Own the cycling shorts with oversized shirt combo…. sporty meets chic.

For that easy to rock day girl look combo with oversized shirts, sporty cycling shorts are ideal and can be worn with a wide range of shoes. Combine a pair of sporty cycling shorts with an oversized shirt and complete the look with sturdy boots.

Add a pop out fashion ladies bag, a dab of bold red lipstick and dazzling color makeup and you are set to rule the sporty chic fashion scene. The casual and comfy sporty girl look that will be turning heads for days.

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Rock Denim: Own the denim and oversized shirt fashion combo.

The ultimate chic girl combo: oversized shirts and denim are power combo…

The ultimate chic girl combination; denim and oversized shirts. The best part of a denim jeans fashion look is when you add the matching nice top or blouse.

The oversized top matches to denim pants with ease, be it a dinner outing or getting diner lined up with the girls or a casual outing with bae, the oversized shirt and denim pants combo is a never failing look.

Finish off the look with an oversized clutch bag or an evening bag and barely there heels for the fabulous girl look without any effort. Side split jeans are a great way to express your oversized shirt look.

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