How to have a good night sleep

How to have a good night sleep
How to have a good night sleep.

If you want to catch a good night’s sleep in these uncertain times, you have to adopt some lifestyles and behavious that will help you improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

Good sleep starts with ample preparation before you get into bed, these help you to relax and get into the mental frame to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

1. Bedside Diary

One of the things that keep you awake at night are endless thoughts, and one way to get rid of an endless run of thoughts? Write them down. keep a bedside diary, where you can write down your random thoughts, give them an escape from your mind and put you to sleep. That way, you can get back to tasks in the morning without having to get up.

2. Turn Off Your Devices

So the availability of devices we take to bed has caused a significant reduction in quality sleeping time, that is kind of an obvious one. Turning off your devices; phones, tablets, laptops etc at least 30 to 40 minutes before bedtime will help you to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and have a more quality sleeping time.

3. Magnesium Supplements

A natural remedy that helps to bring down stress levels and aid with relaxation, and we are talking about magnesium powder and supplements. These help calm down your nerves and relief you of stress, helping you settle in for a long and satisfying nights sleep.

4. Phone Apps

There are several phone apps that have claimed to calm you down and give you a piece of mind; helping you to fall asleep faster and to have a longer and satisfying sleep. These can range from story telling to background noise, meditation sounds, rain or even sounds to calm panic attacks.

How to have a good night sleep
How to have a good night sleep

4. Get yourself a good book

Turning over a few pages in bed helps to put your mind to rest and calm your nerves. Reading has the ability to clear you mind and help you to ease into sleep mode.

5. Keeping Your Feet Warm / Cool

Getting your feet to a comfortable temperature will help you to fall asleep quickly and to sleep well. Some prefer to have warm feet while others prefer to have cool feet, learning your preference will help you to sleep quicker.

6. Aroma Oil and Lavender Essential Oils

Essential oils diffused into a room can help you to fall asleep quicker and have a good nights rest. Lavender oils and essential oils diffused into a room can also help with relaxation and bringing down anxiety levels.

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