The Epic Photo That Breaks Android Phones

the landscape sunset that breaks Android phones
The Photo that breaks android phones

This beautiful picture taken from the St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, can break your Android Phone. Taken in one magical evening in August 2019, by Gaurav Agrawal, a scientist and amateur photographer that lives in in San Diego, the image contains a glitch which means that when the image is set as a wallpaper on Android phones, it causes the phones to fail.

the photo that breaks android phones
The photo that breaks android phones: Made into an awesome Skateboard Deck Wall Decor

The image features a gloomy and cloudy day, with a great sunset view through the mountains. Enhanced with lightroom image editing. The finished product when exported from lightroom, contains a color mode option which confuses some Android handset phones.

“The phone crashes because it doesn’t know how to deal with it correctly, and the software developers probably hadn’t considered this might happen.”

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