Own the Look Girl: Outfit Upgrades to Make You Look Exquisite and Expensive

The key to appearing as if you’ve been spending all your fortune on trendy clothes without actually bankrupting yourself would be to shop smart.

If you’ve wished you could be among those people that always look incredibly put together and trendy, then we have news for you: it’s possible. An even better news? You don’t need to put a hole in your wallet. Yes, you heard that right. Thank goodness as life is already costly enough even without having to completely overhaul an entire wardrobe. 

The key to appearing as if you’ve been spending all your fortune on trendy clothes without actually bankrupting yourself would be to shop smart. Through mixing the correct pieces, investing in a couple of staples, and knowing clever style tips and tricks, you can elevate and completely transform your everyday looks. 

Own The Look: Simple Combinations

Own The Look: Long coats 

 Long coats rather than the short puffy coats can make any outfit look ten times more elegant and sophisticated. We are looking for one that is almost sweeping the floor here. If you can’t find one, just make sure you get the piece that is past the knee. However, the longer the coat is, the better because the length gives off a fabulous and luxurious vibe. 

 Own The Look: Tailored pieces 

 When everything fits well and looks polished, you appear to be someone that knows exactly what they are doing and where they are actually going. We don’t care if you only have a couple of pantsuits in your corporate wardrobe. A blazer or button down will be the greatest place for you to begin as it can be worn in so many ways and basically anywhere! 

 Own The Look: Structured bags

Own The Look: Bags and Accessories

Every trendy outfit is paired with a structured and classic bag. As your aim is looking really expensive, we suggest you stay away from those backpacks of yours, including slouchy bags. Instead, we suggest you focus on minimal hardware on black handbags. Take note: too much hardware in handbags can make the bags look cheap, as well as the outfits that go with them.

Own The Look: Pointy shoes 

 It is certainly funny how rounded toes and pointy toes in shoes change outfits. Pointy toes in stilettos give the impression that you mean to do business. It adds extra polish which you most definitely need in work outfits. 

Own The Look: Understated jewelry 

 You can’t ever forget accessories every single time you dress high end. We would like you to stay away from costume jewelry and plastic jewels. Instead, you are to focus on more classic pieces like minimal, understated necklaces and watches. If the accessories you have are made of gold, the better as gold equals luxe and money!

Own The Look: Sunglasses 

Own The Look: Sunglasses

 We don’t actually know if this is a thing that icons and celebrities started; however, throwing on sunglasses makes you appear to be someone important. It also makes outfits ten times better. The big black ones are the best! 

Own The Look: All white or black 

 Not only is all white or black is incredibly elongating, it’s also great for a monochrome outfit that looks put together and intentional. Make sure the whites are bright in your monochrome outfit. The blacks also have to match, or you will just look disheveled. 

Own The Look: Belts 

 Add a belt to your outfit and tuck in your shirt or blouse. We are always looking to polish outfits when styling them and the best way for you to do so is cinching the waist using a chic belt. It gives maximum impact and vibes of yes, luxury.

Own The Look: Tailored jackets 

 A tailored jacket is always a great way to layer. As a matter of fact, it is almost always the secret weapon of editors of fashion magazines. A tailored jacket elevates denim, plus it also polishes flowy floral dresses. It looks chic and trendy as it’s thrown over your shoulders and it takes slim pants onto the meeting room with the board of directors. If there’s a must-have in your wardrobe, then this would be it! Thank us later when you’ve actually witnessed its power for yourself.

Own The Look: Denim 

You already know monochrome outfits look chic and fab. But, denim monochrome outfits are even better. We absolutely love denim and jeans. However, it is essential that you pair denim with heels to keep your washes and silhouettes classic and expensive-looking. 

Own The Look: Matching bags and shoes 

When in doubt, we suggest you keep your accessories within a single color palette as that can make sure your look appears to be intentional rather than haphazardly put.  

Are you ready for more fashion inspiration? We are sure you are! Before you head on to check out our latest collection of chic, trendy, and fabulous clothing items that will only make you look exquisite, we want to take this time to remind you of the things that you just read. After all, they are the keys to ensuring you achieve your goal and that is to look your very best every single day.

Cassandra Schernoff

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